Products and raw materials for iron and steel industry



The company "Alsical Hüttenwerkstechnik GmbH" was established in 1993 by the German scientist, the “founding father of casting powder”, Dr. H.J. Eitel. The company has the most advanced production facilities, the automated equipment of which allows to manufacture the maximum volume of production with the guaranteed consistent quality of all products.

Specially designed equipment for weighing and metering the feedstock is completely controlled by processors, which ensure the consistency of the chemical analysis results for any grade of compound programmed for production.

The special technology of emulsion preparation ensures the homogeneity of each granule of the finished casting powder. The granulation is made in the spray tower, where the adjustment of spraying process is fully carried out by processors based on the data of control and measuring instruments.

The production capacity of the equipment allows to produce granulated casting powder of the guaranteed high quality in the amount of 20,000 tons per year.

The quality management system, functioning in the enterprise, meets the modern standards of DIN EN ISO 9001.