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Exothermic Products

In 2017 production of exothermic inserts was launched. Due to Italian equipment, experienced staff and its own laboratory, the company managed to come in the Russian market in the shortest term with a proper product, which can replace foreign equivalents.

Exothermic mixtures and inserts are used in gating and feeding systems in steel and iron casting, aimed at shrinkage defect-free casting and reduction in metal consumption. Thus, outcome of useful ingots is essentially increased.

Our technicians will help you to choose the inserts and design the casting with special program (LWMFlo) both for series-produced ingots (for process optimization) or new castings.

Brand name Properties Application
TISMET Exothermic items Insulation of hot tops
TISMET EXOMIX/WF Exothermic mixture Insulation of hot tops