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Mould powder

A joint German-Russian venture “Intocast Rus” LLC launched production of granulated mould powder under technology of “Alsical GmbH” for steel casting at slab and billet casters.

“Intocast Rus” LLC is the only manufacturer of granulated mould powder under German technologies of “Intocast AG” and “Alsical GmbH” in Russia. In 2014 it has achieved certification in Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008.

Close control after raw materials, working conditions and output quality is carried out with up-to-date research center, located at the sites. It is conducting all kinds of research, aimed at increase in quality of final products. .

The company introduces a wide range of mould powders for different casting areas: casting of slabs, billets, round billets, bars, casting by compact strip production technology, etc.