Products and raw materials for iron and steel industry

About us


“EuroTechMet” LLC was founded. It supplies foreign refractory products, mould powder and heat-insulating mixtures to iron and steel plants.


“Eurotechmet” Ltd. was founded. The company has its own representative office in Germany and provides cooperation with partners from Europe, Asia, and CIS countries.


The manufacturing facilities in Voronezh region were bought. The production of heat-insulating and assimilating mixtures was launched.


“EuroTechMet-Service” LLC was founded. It is an outsourcer company, which is aimed at maintenance of lining in RH-degasser chambers at NLMK plant, Lipetsk.


“Intocast Rus” LLC was founded (a joint German and Russian production of granulated mould powder), as well as “Testing and Control Center” LLC (laboratory for analyses and quality control). The company started to provide engineering services (Cherepovets Iron and Steel Works, “NLMK” PJSC).


“Ropscyce-Rus” LLC was founded. The joint Polish and Russian company was launched together with a Polish plant ZM “Ropczyce” S.A. The RH-degasser snorkels are assembled, and other refractory products are manufactured here.


“NIOS” LLC was founded. The firm gained a license for manufacture and repair of refractory products under vibrating casting method by German company “PiRe” GmbH&Co KG. It is mainly specialized in production of slide gate plates, ladle nozzles, housing blocks, collector nozzles, etc.


“International Prototyping Center” JSC was founded. The company is fitted with high-capacity grinding and sorting equipment. It is aimed at processing of mineral raw materials both for own manufacturing needs and for filling the orders by third parties.


The shop is launched, which is specialized in manufacturing of TISMET© and Ekvizol© insulating and exothermic products for iron and steel, non-ferrous plants, and foundries.


The shop is launched, which is specialized in production of materials for hot repair of converter lining.


“ETM” LLC is founded. The rebranding process for “EuroTechMet” business group is started. The brand name of the enterprise is changed due to marketing policy.