Products and raw materials for iron and steel industry



Outsourcing is a transfer of specific processes or business functions to an outside company on the basis of a contract. Thus, the company achieves much economy in costs, time and staff salaries by the aid of experts, who use their international experience in similar projects and give guarantee in the expected result. Transferring non-core operations to the outsourcer, the customer can concentrate on running the assets and primary services.

In 2011 “EuroTechMet” LLC founded its subsidiary company “EuroTechMet-Service”, which was aimed at construction and mounting services in different industry areas. Specific practice method, collaborated by the company in regard to design, batching, delivery, building and assembly works, start-up and commissioning works, allows it to fulfil all customer’s tasks at the earliest. Currently, “EuroTechMet-Service” provides a full maintenance work on lining of RH-degasser chambers at NLMK plant.

“EuroTechMet-Service” LLC can guarantee achievement of desired results, absolute confidentiality and remarkable improvement in efficiency of the following processes:

Special heat mounting works Installation and repair of the refractory lining of metallurgical units, equipment and insulating constructions.
Anti-corrosion and thermal insulation works.
Mounting of metal structures and equipment.
Construction of industrial furnaces and thermal generating units A full range of special construction and installation works for building-up thermal units in different industries.
Commissioning of industrial furnaces Commissioning of thermal and heating furnaces for engineering and metallurgical industries.
Commissioning of burning kilns for ceramics and carbon materials.
Works with refractory products Laying of shaped elements.
Lining of constructions before installation.
Insulating fences for industrial thermal generating units made of modern castable and ceramic fibre.
Production of metal structures Manufacture and installation of industrial metal structures of diverse complexity for general and special purpose.
Batching and procurement Engineering of refractory processes and operation of metallurgical equipment.
Supply of heating equipment, refractory materials and non-standard equipment.