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Ergolines lab s.r.l.

Ergolines Lab s.r.l. has been developing innovative technologies for iron and steel industry since 1998. The company has developed its own range of products and special control systems dedicated to the steel industry, in particular to the meltshop and the continuous casting area.

Ergolines range of products includes sensors, electric machines and sophisticated automatic process control devices, all designed to obtain the highest steel quality standards. Its core business is production of electromagnetic stirrers (EMS), used at various stages of continuous casting to minimize surface and internal defects of steel and to increase productivity. Now Ergolines Lab s.r.l. is one of four EMS manufacturers in the world market.

In recent years, the company developed some additional innovative devices and systems for iron industry, i.e. level sensors, that can measure steel level in the mould, breakout prediction systems, mould oscillation monitoring sensors and many other tools and equipment for quality control.

Ergolines Lab s.r.l. along with “ETM” realized a project on supply of automated mould powder feeding system (MPF) to one of the largest Russian iron and steel works. The automated mould powder feeder was designed to ensure homogeneous powder distribution during continuous casting. The system allows to control powder flow rate and distribute powder over slab surface by means of special powder diffusers, which can be customized in accordance with different casting modes and CCM characteristics.