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Technologies and Equipment

In collaboration with its foreign business partners, “ETM” enterprise is running the projects on improving certain units and tools of general and service equipment for foundry processes, as well as the projects on supply of original self-contained equipment and machinery for iron and steel industry.

In 2013 “NIOS” LLC got a license for manufacture and repair of refractory products under vibrating casting method by German company “PiRe” GmbH&Co KG., which had been improving manufacturing and repairing techniques for refractories of metering systems for 25 years. The prospects of repair lie in fact that lifetime of repaired items is almost the same as one of new slide gate plates, while cost of repair is much lower than price of a new item.

Equipment Type Application
Slide gate mechanisms Mechanism for steel flow control in ladle
IPV system of bottom purging with inert gas Safe bottom purging of steel with inert gas and the quickest change of purging blocks without ladle shutdown
Automatic mould powder feeder Optimal and uniform powder feeding at bloom and billet casters