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Processing of Mineral Raw Materials

In 2015 the corporate group launched a project on building and commissioning of a new grinding and sorting complex both for own manufacturing needs and for filling the orders by outside organizations. Three shops for multiple-stage crushing, sorting and grinding purposes had been built within three years, equipped with Russian and foreign high capacity machineries.

Multiple-stage crushing shop makes it possible to crush lump material to 400 mm at the initial stage. High-moisture material gets dried at three-circuit rotary dryer until it achieves defined moisture values, after that the material is transferred to high-frequency multilevel vibrating screen and gets grinded at crushing or impact mill (depending on technical requirements). We can make magnetic separation of the material by our equipment with capacity 10 ton per hour. Ultrasonic graduation up to 50 µm is also available.

Grinding shop equipment makes it possible to grind the material with air classification in the range from 300 to 30 µm and even add the liquid activator if there are such technical requirements. The list of equipment also includes a ball mill with air classification up to 15 µm, which gives the company opportunity to enter market of fine-dispersed raw materials.

Composite compounds are produced at granulation and mixing shop. There can be uniformly mixed up to 15 products, including liquid phase. Composite grains (including up to 5 components) sized from 1 mm to 5 mm are produced with capacity 5-10 ton per hour at automated granulating line, and then packed in the range from 5 kg to 1 ton.

This is a multi-purpose project comprised of three processing lines (crushing, fine grinding and granulating), which can be used separately for individual orders, or in complex for step-by-step processing of components, or for improvement of raw materials for other branches of the corporate group.