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Manufacturing of snorkels for RH-degasser

As well as tundish crucibles Turbostop, impact plates and tundish dams.

Mixtures for steel-making manufacturies

Mould powder, covering and assimilating mixtures, refractory mixes.

Advanced equipment and international quality stanards conformity

All finished goods are subject to obligatory examination for quality characteristics conformity to those claimed in technical regulations.

Products and raw materials for iron and steel industry is a base of our company’s manufacturing activity.

Today “Intocast Rus” LLC is the only manufacturer in Russia, which produces granular casting mixtures under “Intocast AG” and “Alsical GmbH” technology.

“Testing and Control Center” LLC performs comprehensive analyses for head-office company’s corporate group and provides testing service of refractory and building products for external companies.

 “EuroTechMet” company is a large-scale group, which includes subsidiary companies: “GranMix” LLC, “Ropczyce-Rus” LLC and “NIOS” LLC.

It is a profitable decision to purchase “EuroTechMet” products and raw materials for iron and steel industry!

Products and raw materials for iron and steel industry are the main branch of EuroTechMet manufacturing activity. These are the following:

  • refractory products;
  • covering mixtures;
  • covering and assimilating metallurgical mixtures.

“EuroTechMet” company also provides engineering services for any technological process of steelmaking industry, including technical auditing.

“EuroTechMet” can offer its service to any company interested in QSIF integration (Individual Focusing Quality System). This innovative system is necessary for optimization of manufacturing processes, because it finds resources to improve efficiency of technological processes at manufactures.