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Logistics, technology audit and engineering services for the plant's manufacturing processes from the company “EuroTechMet”.

The company “EuroTechMet” specializes in providing logistics, technical audit and engineering services for the enterprises of the metallurgical complex. Having sufficient experience of operation in the market, the company guarantees the quality and accuracy of calculations, assessments, consultations and other types of work. Cooperating with the company “EuroTechMet” you get a chance to optimize and modernize your metallurgical production at a reasonable and beneficial price!

Engineering metallurgy

Engineering metallurgy is a complex of engineering consultancy services, whose consumers are newly built-up metallurgical plants, enterprises that reorganize their production cycle and companies that want to improve their degree of efficiency. Engineering services can be divided into three categories: pre-project, project and special engineering services. The company carries out all kinds of engineering, comprehensively resolving the issues and solving the problems of customers.

Audit of metallurgy

Sooner or later any reasonable owner or manager ponders over the effectiveness of his company. “EuroTechMet” will help you to understand how efficiently your metallurgical production works by conducting its comprehensive audit. This will include an assessment of the company's key assets: equipment, buildings, other infrastructure; there will be also carried out an audit of the economic feasibility of work, an assessment of personal staff, an analysis of documentation. All this will allow you to improve the performance of your company.

Logistics in metallurgy

The organization of regular production and logistics chains, taking into account the world experience, will bring your company to a new level, increase the efficiency, optimize the production performance. “EuroTechMet” will help your company to improve the stock of orders, to organize high-quality traffic of raw materials and products, to improve the work of warehouse logistics.

The company's goal is to continuously develop cooperation of its engineers and engineers of foreign partner companies in joint projects in order to optimize existing technologies in steelshops of metallurgical customer enterprises by combining domestic and foreign steelmaking and refractory technologies.


"EuroTechMet" LLC

2016-05-27_10-33-25.pngEstablished in 2005, in recent years the company "EuroTechMet" actively operates in the Russian and Ukrainian markets, provides the supply of refractory products and metallurgical compounds. The company produces covering mixtures in its own premises in Voronezh. On site it is also set up the German-Russian joint venture “Intocast Rus”, producing granulated mould powder, and it is placed the Polish-Russian joint venture "Ropczyce-Rus" for the production of snorkels for RH vacuum degasser and other shaped castable products.


Since 2011 the subsidiary company "EuroTechMet-Service" provides a full maintenance of RH-degasser lining at NLMK steel plant.


At the plant it is being currently installed an industrial complex for the processing of primary and secondary refractory materials. It is planned to manufacture the slide gate and metering ceramics for steel casting, tap-hole mixes for blast furnace and mixes for hot repair of metallurgical units, such as blast furnace, converter, electric furnace, ladles, etc.

2016-05-27_10-34-42.pngImplementation of joint production projects does not limit the range of products and items supplied by the company for the metallurgical industry. Depending on the objective of a specific enterprise, the company uses the established relationships with reputable global manufacturers of mixes and refractories to offer the customer the most effective products or services.



Conditions for the realization of engineering capacity, created in “EuroTechMet” company, are a worthy alternative for the best metallurgical professionals, who have dedicated many years of their life to working directly at the smelter.


Company workforce, consisting of highly qualified specialists, allows to use knowledge of advanced steelworkers of various CIS enterprises, as well as practice and experience of successful managers of steel divisions of different plants.



Many employees of the company and of its subsidiaries have work experience in the steel industry for more than 10-15 years, including employees taking senior positions.


Terms of cooperation with partner companies and corporate customers allow to involve, if necessary, professionals of foreign, Russian and Ukrainian enterprises, which are not in the staff of “EuroTechMet” company, in various engineering projects.



At present the company has partnerships with the following steel plants:


Novolipetsk Steel Works
NizhniTagil Steel Works

PJSC “Severstal”
Cherepovets Steel Plant 


Rostov Electrometallurgical Plant

Taganrog Steel Plant

West Siberia Steel Works

Magnitogorsk Steel Works


PJSC "Azovstal"
Azovstal Iron and Steel Works

2016-04-28_12-22-29.png PJSC "MMKI"
Ilyich Iron and Steel Works

OJSC “Metalloinvest Holding”
Oskol Electrometallurgical Works

OJSC "Ural Steel"

ISD Corporation

Alchevsk Iron and Steel Works

Dneprovsk Dzerzhinskiy Metallurgical Plant

chmk.jpgOJSC “ChMK”
Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant

LLC “Mechel-Steel Management Company”

OJSC “Izhstal”


Today the situation, both in the world and in domestic market of steel production, requires a substantial gain in performance of production processes. Stability of the position of any company in the world market is determined by:

  • Order restructuring in terms of the global market conditions;

  • 2016-05-27_10-36-55.pngProduction costs reduction at competitive manufacturers;
  • Presence of new players in the market after Russia's accession to WTO;

  • Ability to implement prompt measures aimed at reducing costs and improving product quality, when the existing management methods don’t yield the desired efficiency any more.


According to the experience of western leading steelmakers (ThyssenKrupp AG, ArcelorMittal and others.), the potential of costs reduction is estimated at average of 20 € / ton of steel.

In recent years, the implementation of appropriate programs in order to improve the production efficiency has confirmed these assumptions. The most reliable and widely used way to realize the cost reduction potential is the application of methods increasing the processes efficiency, developed by consulting companies. In this case the key role belongs to the professional experience of the company employees, that allows to introduce advanced developments into metallurgy using international practices.



“EuroTechMet” company suggests holding a technoeconomic audit of steelmaking at a metallurgical enterprise in order to locate and to realize reserves:

  • improving product quality;2016-05-27_10-38-01.png

  • reducing production costs;

  • increasing the staff efficiency.


Based on the experience of similar measures at various enterprises and the company employees’ practical experience in steel industry of CIS countries, the potential enhancement of technical and economic performance is at least 5-15%, depending on the status of specific criteria at the enterprise.


Analysis of the current situation at the enterprise is carried out by the company’s specialists together with the employees of specific sites of the corporate customer. “EuroTechMet” LLC bears all the costs of work.



Targets of this work are:

  • Detection and analysis of factors affecting quality and production costs;

  • Development of a database in order to determine a costs reduction potential;

  • To draw up a list of actions for improvement of processes.


According to the results of the analysis, “EuroTechMet” specialists propose appropriate actions to improve the processes efficiency, which are discussed together with the customer's experts, and it is determined a costs reduction potential.



Analysis of the current situation in the steel-making division of a customer requires from 1 to 3 months, depending on the number of potential projects for improvement of processes efficiency. During this period, “EuroTechMet” staff together with the customer’s specialists collect all the necessary data, which are analyzed by the company’s top specialists.


If necessary, foreign specialists of reputable well-known manufacturers for the steel industry are involved in the analysis.2016-05-27_10-39-06.png


By agreement with the customer’s management, “EuroTechMet” company gets access to such data of the division being analyzed, that are needed to determine the level of cost, quality and staff efficiency. “EuroTechMet” company uses this information in strict confidence and does not share it with third parties. The customer’s experts participate in analyzing the current situation. All data, which are passed to “EuroTechMet” LLC, should be reliable and statistically verified. “EuroTechMet” LLC bears all costs for the project implementation until it is calculated the total of effect of proposed measures.




  1. Based on the analysis of the current situation, “EuroTechMet” LLC provides a catalog of measures specifying a solution and potential effectiveness of each action. After discussing the measures with the enterprise management, it is made a decision on implementation or declination of these activities about what it is drawn up a bilateral protocol.

  2. After a trial implementation of activities in the amount sufficient to make a conclusion, it is carried out an effectiveness analysis of the activity and it is made a decision on industrial implementation, about what a bilateral protocol is also compiled.2016-05-27_10-40-14.png

  3. Based on the analysis of trial implementation results, according to which the decision on industrial implementation is made, it is carried out the final calculation of annual efficiency of all measures. The efficiency is evaluated together with the customer's specialists.

  4. Resulting calculation of the annual efficiency, agreed by both parties, is the reason to pay a percentage of the efficiency amount to “EuroTechMet” LLC.

  5. he percentage rate of interest, paid of the annual efficiency amount to “EuroTechMet” LLC, is defined when drawing up a bilateral agreement on the implementation of this project.



After signing the agreement with “EuroTechMet” LLC on the implementation of the project, the company develops a plan of actions specifying the work completion time. Developed program is presented to the management of the corporate customer. After discussion and possible amendments, the program is accepted as a basis for action aimed at the project implementation and approved by the relevant order of the enterprise.

“EuroTechMet” company presents a tentative schedule of the project realization lasting 10 - 14 months and distinguishes the following stages:

Stage Activity
Time terms, month   Remarks
 1 Analysis of the current situation 1-3 After signing of agreement
 2 Catalog of measures specifying a potential of efficiency
2 After receiving all the necessary information from the Customer 
 3 Trials and analysis of results 5-6 After deciding on purchase of all necessary materials
 4 Providing an analysis of work and a calculation of annual efficiency of measures
2-3 -