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products and materials provide operating of production machines and units in many fields of iron and steel industry. Efficiency and operating of entire production systems is often caused by quality and operational properties of the refractories. This is primarily true about iron and non-ferrous industries, energetic, chemical industry and other fields. ;

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In 2013, a Russian company “EuroTechMet” LLC and a Polish company ZM “Ropczyce S.A.” launched a joint Russian-Polish venture “Ropczyce-Rus” LLC on manufacturing of refractory products and materials. Specialists from magnesite plant “Ropczyce S.A.”, which is one of the world leaders on manufacturing of refractory products, preliminarily investigated the market of the refractories in iron and steel industry, duly estimated future possibilities of joint venture development in Russian territory and intensively participated in beneficial cooperation. 2016-05-26_15-21-45.png  

The most important equipment for production lines, i.e. mixing machine EIRICH, drying and calcining chamber, raw metering system were designed and supplied by the Polish colleagues. They also took part in starting-up and commissioning of main production line.

In order to provide high product quality in compliance with “Ropczyce S.A.” brand, all raw materials and supplements, which are used by “Ropczyce-Rus” now, are standardized and carefully tested on compliance with requirements against know-how, passed by a Polish company. “Ropczyce-Rus” staff was also trained under control of the Polish experts, who then confirmed corresponding skills of the workers before admission to independent operating.  2016-05-26_15-23-15.png

Management of the Russian-Polish company still implements the policy of permanent cooperation with business partners. The programs on experience exchange are carried out at the plant, in course of which Russian experts participate in manufacturing process at Polish plant, while Polish experts are training specialists at Russian enterprises.

The main products at “Ropczyce-Rus” are refractory castings, unmolded refractory materials and snorkels for RH-vacuum degasser.  

The snorkels are used in circular vacuum machine, and their lining is required to provide wearing properties in course of aggressive interaction with metal and slag during dehydrogenization and metal decarbonization process while manufacturing of low-carbon steel.  2016-05-26_15-24-34.png
The quality of snorkels for RH-vacuum degasser, produced by “Ropczyce-Rus”, is time-proved. Since 2011, the company has been fully satisfying needs in snorkels of world-renown Novolipetsk Steel works for four years.

In the end of 2013, production lines were modernized to expand the products range. In order to provide metallurgists with concrete products of quality conforming to international standard, with manufacturer located in Russia, there was mastered a technology at plant in regard of units and dams for tundish, housing blocks, purging aggregates and other products.

Apart from mentioned products, “Ropczyce-Rus” LLC can manufacture a broad list of refractory mixtures for lining, maintenance and repair of electric arc furnaces, and gunning of tundish and steel ladles.

Promising production trend for a plant development is manufacture organization of some products under technology of internationally famous business partners, a head company “Monocon” and “IFGL Refractories Ltd”.

Company products and raw materials are subject to obligatory examination for compliance with claimed properties at laboratory of “Testing and Control Centre” LLC, fitted with advanced equipment. This company can be rightly called a research centre, because it can define not only composition of items and mixtures, but also a whole range of refractory products properties. Introduction of “Ropczyce-Rus” products became possible owing to cooperation of production workers with specialists of the research centre. 2016-05-26_15-26-10.png

“Ropczyce-Rus” policy defines main company’s values, and the following principles are subject to primary realization in compliance with them:

  • Supply of ambitious innovational project, which are beneficial both for manufacturer and customer;

  • Cooperative attitude to international refractory companies, willing to expand manufacturing of their products in the territory of Russia;

  • Frank relations between colleagues inside company, as well as between customers;

  • Need of meeting customer’s requirements as a way of survival, and foresight and realization of future requirements as a way of further development;

Successful implementation of policy in the field of quality is proved by ISO:9001 certificate of conformity, issued by authoritative certification body TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH.