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In current course of metal industry development, increasing attention is paid to metal metering systems, which can enhance automation level of continuous casting process. 2016-04-22_17-05-33.png

Modern automatic assemblies and mechanisms of CC-machines are united in a single automatic control centre, providing synchronization of ladle and tundish changing processes, changing of ladle shrouds and sub-entry nozzles, renewal of slag mixture and switch of temperature and speed settings of casting with systems of automatic steel level control in tundish ladle and mould. In their turn, point automatic systems of steel level control perform ten times more frequent operational opening and overlapping rates of metering units, than in manual process.

Working conditions in automatic regime multiply increase the requirements to slide gate refractories, as well as their cost. This situation is due to security and fail-safety of casting processes. In a sign of issues of operational requirements severization to metering refractories, prospect of lifetime improvement is highly relevant for expensive product.

In 2013, “NIOS” LLC (i.e. German Innovative Refractory Systems) was founded by “EuroTechMet” LLC, aiming at manufacture of refractory products by vibrating casting method. НИОС.jpgAn enterprise got a license for manufacture and repair of refractory products by “NIOS” LLC under vibrating casting method of German company “PiRe” GmbH&Co KG., which had been improving manufacturing and repairing techniques for refractories of metering systems for 20 years.  

Installed advanced equipment and technology, based on latest achievements of German companies, allow producing slide gate plates, ladle nozzles, housing blocks, collector nozzles and other products in the territory of premises in Voronezh region. Grinding machine used at the plant allows meeting higher requirements in working accuracy of refractories, used in slide gate mechanisms.  2016-05-26_15-31-28.png
For metal pouring in steel shops at CIS metal plants, around ten slide gate mechanisms of tough, lever-spring and balanced types are used. Maintainability depends on operational characteristics of slide gate plates. Quality of slide gate plates effects on quality of steel pouring, refractories saving, steel ladle turnover.

Repair and manufacturing of slide gate plates at “NIOS” LLC is possible in regard of any current type of slide gate mechanism. Beneficial perspective of slide gate plates’ repair is based on fact, that repaired products are equatable in lifetime with new ones, while repairing price is much lower than the price for a new item.

Much attention is paid to independent development of a company, particularly, to the professional skills of the staff and development of manufacturing technology. Plant’s workers were trained at MittalSteel plant (Duisburg) in Germany, and continuous contact with specialists of “Testing and Control Center” LLC allows examining influence of the technological processes at operational properties of product, taking analysis of already used refractories as an example. 2016-05-26_15-32-38.png

The investigations of “Testing and Control Center” LLC, located in the territory of the same premises, allow deep analyzing of the factors, which influence operation of refractory products, found at every individual customer’s. This data promotes refractories’ adaptation to a particular customer and it is essential for development of manufacturing and repairing technology. Currently, “NIOS” LLC is the only company in Russia, which manufactures slide gate plates by vibrating casting method.