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Intocast Rus

Link to “Intocast Russ” LLC website: http://intocast-rus.ru/en.

2016-05-26_15-10-02.pngSince establishment of “EuroTechMet” company, granulated continuous casting mould powder has been one of the most required products by metal plants in CIS countries. Some plants, which had recently been using powder mixtures, checked the advantages of granulated products and approved much better quality of continuous cast billets. The achieved results encouraged other companies, which are now looking for the best granular mixture for some steel grades and unexpanded billet sections.

During this research period, German products of “Intocast AG” and “Alsical GmbH” continually proved their efficiency against other manufacturers. Sales volumes in CIS market by 2010 predetermined establishment of premises in territory of Russia.

лого Интокаст АГ 2.png  
In order to meet the requirements of CIS metal plants in regard of mould powders, a joint German and Russian company “Intocast Russ” LLC was established, and a plant was built in premises in Verkhniaya Khava village, Voronezh region. Currently, granular mould powders under technology of “Intocast AG” and “Alsical GmbH”. Productive capacity of the first line is 1200 tons of products per month. .

2016-05-26_15-13-33.pngВ проектировании завода принимали участие специалисты компании Specialists of “Ulrich Anlagenbau GmbH”, “Intocast AG” and “Alsical GmbH” (Germany) took part in designing the plant. The projects designers were mainly achieved at gaining maximum identity of new manufacture to German one. All main technological equipment was purchased in Germany. Commissioning work was made by German experts along with instructing of joint venture specialists.


The main company principle is a full replication of product’s characteristics, and it is not defied even when assuming acceptable tolerance of raw materials’ quality. In order to guarantee replication, “Alsical GmbH” specialist paid much attention to design of special silos systems, and fusion mixture amount is calculated with account for actual composition of each material. Process of granules manufacture is effected by many production factors, from mixture homogeneity to carrying capacity of special sprayers. That is why sputtering process is fully automated and controlled automatically on the grounds of data, received from control and measuring equipment complex. The whole technological process, as well as raw materials or laboratory equipment, is identical and recommended by German manufacturers. 2016-05-26_15-14-48.png

The first sample product, manufactured in the end of July 2014, was tested in Germany. The aim of full replication of German quality was achieved. Further development was determined by metal industry market. By now, the plant can manufacture more than 25 different sorts of mould powder. New sorts are produced by customer’s demand under support of technical specialists from “Alsical GmbH”. Products are sold by “EuroTechMet” LLC (Russia), which owner is also a cofounder of “Intocast Rus” LLC. Since September 2013, granulated continuous casting mould powder is regularly supplied from the premises in Russia.

Plant’s granular mixtures are being trialed and used at CIS biggest metal plants, PJSC “NLMK”, PJSC “Azovstal Iron and steel works”, PJSC “Mariupol Ilyich iron and steel works” are among them. “EuroTechMet” LLC and “Intocast Rus” LLC specialist also perform product technical support, and specialist from “Intocast AG” and “Alsical GmbH” are appealed to, if necessary. интокаст5.png

Currently, “Intocast Rus’ company is the only manufacturer of granulated casting mixtures under “Intocast AG” and “Alsical GmbH” technology in Russia. That is why, apart from a known quality of foreign granulated casting powders, it is an only company that can offer to CIS metal plants the following advantages:

  • close location to the customer;
  • flexible manufacture schedule;
  • faster order processing;
  • consignment storehouse.

“Intocast Rus” LLC management supports and implements policy of a head company “EuroTechMet” LLC, which is contained in constant development of relation with the customers. The main company principle results not only in flexible response to ant customer’s demands, but also in development of ability to foresee and offer necessary products enhancement.

2016-05-26_15-16-27.pngThe efficient fulfillment of this aim is advanced by up-to-date research facility “Testing and Control Centre” LLC, situated at the same premises in Verkhniaya Khava village. It performs not only control after raw materials and manufactured products quality, but also conducts serious analyses aimed at development of ambitious projects and company products.

In 2014, “Intocast Rus” LLC proved successful implementation of its policy in management area, as well as in manufacturing process organization, and achieved certificate of TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH for system conformity.