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As contacting constantly with CIS metal plants, “EuroTechMet” specialists were using all possible tools for joint development by means of selective improving effectiveness of some metallurgical processes. Particularly, offer and demand crossed at covering metallurgical mixtures.

High-temperature processes in special machines for steel production do not allow saving system heat, which makes it complicated to get qualitative objectives of the product. Additional machines used, which raise metal temperature, allow proceeding physical and chemical reactions in necessary temperature range. These machines allow implementing a process, but lead to additional costs. Besides, additional thermal machines in the system lead to complication of production and environmental impact by release of thermal energy. That is why nowadays covering mixtures are being preferred, they act in furtherance of thermal flow reduction in high-temperature systems. Though covering mixtures are not a new product. Many metallurgists face some difficulties regarding mixture quality. Some of them do not notice it, because they are badly experienced in industrial application of effective mixtures of constant quality. Imported mixtures are much more secure in point of properties replication, but their cost is usually higher than expected, and big volumes along with long distance make logistics more difficult.  лого Гранмикс.png

Current situation determined further decision of “EuroTechMet” on organization of own metallurgical mixtures manufacture. As realization of import substitution principle, a subsidiary company “GranMix” LLC was founded in 2009, i.e. a Russian manufacturer of granulated covering mixtures and assimilating powders for iron and steel industry. Production capacity allows manufacturing of 1,5 - 2,5 thousand of tons per year. The increasing demand on the plant’s products determined further development of production line in the near term. This will allow serving the needs in mixtures of several major iron and steel plants. 2016-04-22_14-54-48.png While designing the production line, the most advanced equipment was defined, and technology was developed, which is unique among all CIS plants of this field. 2016-04-22_14-55-22.png 

The guaranteed replication of granules shape is provided by turbo-bladed and dished granulating machines. Raw metering and mixing systems provide constant replication of product’s properties. Drying and packing of products is operated semi-automatically, which ensures the customer that all properties are saved and fully replicated.

All raw materials and ready products are subject to obligatory examination for compliance with qualitative indices, specified in technical regulations. Control after products quality is provided by advanced equipment at “Testing and Control Centre” LLC, located at the same premises.

Much attention is paid to environmental protection. Air cleaning and filtering systems, used while air discharge during work of a rotary drier, provide work of the plant under admissible limits of hazardous substances concentration. 2016-04-22_14-56-44.png

In 2014, “GranMix” LLC achieved certification for ISO:9001 standard. Currently, it is included in international production and investigation prototyping centre regarding manufacture of refractory products, mould and covering powders, which is organized together with Cluster Development Centre of Voronezh region.

Investigation prototyping centre is an international cluster project on manufacture of refractory products and mixtures, covering and mould powders. It’s worth noticing, that in 2014 the project was recognized as a winner in competitive selection regarding subsides granting for corporate financing within state support of small and medium enterprise.