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Production of refractory masses: castable and other mixtures produced by the company "EuroTechMet"

"EuroTechMet" LLC offers mutually beneficial terms for the supply of such multipurpose materials, as castable, tap-hole mix, gunning mix for electric furnaces, mortar and other refractory mixtures.

2016-04-28_12-54-11.png A wide range of products from the manufacturer guarantees a 100 per cent use of lining and is suitable for repair works of the following units:
  • Steelmaking furnaces of any capacity;
  • Convertors;
  • Steel ladle and tundish;
  • Rotary kilns.

Production of castable

Among the refractory concretes there are mixtures of stable fillers and cements. When they harden, they turn into a material that resembles a stone in appearance and even after prolonged exposure to high temperatures it does not lose its originally specified mechanical properties.

Ramming and tap-hole mixtures

The term "ramming mixture" means a durable refractory material that is supplied in a loose or wet condition and is used in lining the bottoms and wells of steel ladles, heating units, and also electric furnaces of iron, lead-bronze and aluminum smelting.

Ladle lining: production of materials for lining

The lining process implies interior finishing of thermal units and their parts in order to protect them from overheating, aggressive influence of chemical media, as well as to increase their resistance to corrosion and erosion caused by liquid metals and slag. Minimal heat losses and long lifetime are achieved by means of a thin-walled lining consisting of three layers: heat- covering, permanent and working linings.

The most popular materials for lining are as follows:

  • in expensive aluminosilicate materials;
  • high-alumina and basic refractories;
  • shaped, ramming and pumped materials;
  • bay window fillers;
  • fire clay and argillaceous quartz powders.

At the bottom of individual planning of devices and selection of construction and repair masses for banks, deposition of tap-hole blocks, bottom, gunning and blowing lances of electric furnaces, there must be, first of all, accurate analysis of operating conditions.

Gunning process: production of gunning mixes for electric furnaces

Gunning technology is used for electric furnaces with high pressure due to application of concrete or mortar masses. This process allows to fill small voids and cracks. In the structure of gunning masses there are elements in percentage composition, such as fine additives, refractory fillers and others. They demonstrate resistance when contacting with water and have a high temperature..

There are 4 types of gunning masses in metallurgy:

  • Convertor gunning masses. This type includes magnesite masses, which have resistance as part of slags. Phosphate fertilizers with high binding strength are used now.

  • Non-phosphorous or low-phosphorous masses. They are used for smelting.

  • Magnesite or magnesite-dolomite masses. This type of mass is used for electric furnaces.

  • Ladle masses. They are used in those areas where there is high corrosion.

Improvement of the production of refractory masses

Research projects and preliminary testing of products through modeling of operating conditions in the premises of “EuroTechMet” make it possible to systematically adapt refractories to the modern requirements of steel making and cement industries.

The testing works, that “EuroTechMet” conducts in professionally equipped laboratories, are related to the introduction of advanced technologies, innovative ideas and constructive solutions in production, what allows to promptly respond to the demands of consumers .

Leading positions among the refractory mixtures sold by “EuroTechMet” belong to the following products:

Brand name  Specification Application
Heartmix URBN Magnesite mass Repair of banks in electric arc furnaces of all types
Heartmix URBD3C
Self-consolidating  structural repairing mass
Lining and repair of bottom of electric arc furnaces
Konmix MKX2 Magnesia-chromite ramming mass Deposition of well brick and plugs for bottom purge with inert gas in ladles
Konmix UMBH2
Magnesia repair mass Repairs of bottom and banks of electric arc furnaces
Gunmix MTRH Magnesia silicone mass Repair of lining of thermal units by gunning
Forward RAMMIX LP Ramming mass Lining of ladle and tundish
Forward Startmix
Starting mix Filling of tap-holes (bay windows) of electric arc furnaces
Bondmix ZMCF Magnesia-chromite mortar Binding of magnesia-chromite products in the lining of thermal units, copper-smelting industry
Runcast Low-cement thixotropic  corundum-spinel Monolithic lining of thermal units by pouring