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Refractories: ladle shrouds, slide gate plates and other materials produced by “EuroTechMet” company

Each consumer of refractory products is given a chance to use innovative proposals on beneficial terms, developed in the result of close cooperation between “EuroTechMet”, Indian and Polish producers.


The Polish company "Ropczyce S.A." offers to acquire a wide range of products, which are used for lining of electric arc furnaces of all types and of different capacities.


The Indian company "IFGL Refractories Ltd" presents the following production:

  • CCM flow control refractories for steel plants;

  • Refractories for ladle purging blocks.

The enterprise "Ropczyce-Rus" produces refractory metallurgical materials, which are presented in the form of cast products, such as partitions for tundish.

Lining of main units of steelmaking production

Due to the activities of “EuroTechMet”, all basic units and auxiliary equipment of steelmaking and electric steelmaking industries, as well as some blast-furnace units and thermal units of cement industry, are provided with lining.

Refractory materials: application

Refractories are represented by constructional materials with specific properties, which cannot be avoided if there is a need to build heating and melting furnaces or aggregates, or if it is required a lining of various devices in any industry. Refractories withstand different temperature conditions and environments. Refractories with particular characteristics are created for use in specific conditions.

CCM Ladle Shrouds

Ladle shrouds are installed when casting steel between ladle and tundish. Their purpose is to prevent the secondary oxidation of steel at this stage of casting.

Metal flow control is carried out with the help of refractory products of cylindrical shape, such as monoblock stopper.


Slide gate collector and ladle shroud are not tightly linked up. Because of this, the probability of air ingress into the ladle shroud increases.


n order to avoid air ingress, it is recommended to feed argon into the joint between slide gate and ladle shroud by means of a distributor ring located above the joint.

Slide gate plates: application features

Binded plates are located in the slide gates, which help to shut off the steel-casting channel at the moment when molten metal is tapped from the steel ladle.


This product is pre-fitted and worn in to each working pair, what increases the lifetime by two heats. In the slide gates they are accurately fixed and precisely centered in the pouring holes by means of projections made on the bandages for installation.


The possibility to repair slide gate plates gives an opportunity for their longer use. Due to the efficient use of plates, labor costs are reduced and it is created conditions under which the cleanness of cast steel increases.


The company successfully implements the following products:

Brand name Product specification Application
RH degasser snorkels
Assembled metal and refractory productв Consumable part of RH degasser, submergible directly into the molten metal
Refarctory material
Magnesia-chromite high-fixed brick
Lining of convertors for copper metallurgy, runners of suspended furnace, RH and DH degassers lining in iron and steel industry
Refractory material
Magnesia-chromite high-fixed brick
Copper convertor, suspended and anode furnaces in the copper-smelting industry, ladle-furnace and RH and VOD  degassing process in iron & steel industry
Refractory blocks    Lining refractory blocks Roof lining of ladle furnaces and arc steel furnaces
Slide gate plates Vibro cast refractory plates Slide gates of CCM tundish
Collector nozzle Refractory collector nozzle Metering of metal in tundish
Thermal insulating cover Refractory thermal insulating cover Isolation of metal radiation at CCM equipment
"IFGL Refractories Ltd" purging plugs and well blocks Set of products to ensure the purging of steel with neutral gas Installation in the ladle bottom to ensure the bottom blowing of steel with an inert gas
"IFGL Refractories Ltd" flow control refractories Isostatic products: stopper, metering nozzle, sub-entry nozzle, ladle shroud To ensure the casting and protection of metal from secondary oxidation on the caster