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Technologies and equipment for metallurgy from “EuroTechMet” company

EuroTechMet” company together with the specialists of the Indian company “IFGL Refractories Ltd”, relying on engineering experience of the world-famous British company “Monocon”, has ample opportunities for offering a wide range of equipment for the steel making industry. Together with its partners, “EuroTechMet” implements projects to improve particular units and mechanisms of main and auxiliary equipment, as well as projects for the supply of autonomous original equipment and mechanisms for metallurgical processes. The projects for the implementation of the latest equipment developments are realized by the company both as separate proposals and as part of individual engineering services for the customer.

Engineering services of “EuroTechMet” include a full range of services from analysis of the situation at the enterprise and development of measures to improve the efficiency up to obtaining of final results for the testing implementation of each proposed event, which is carried out with technical assistance of the company's highly qualified metallurgists.

Based on the practical experience of partners and projects, implemented by the company, the following proposals are the most interesting from the point of view of innovation and efficiency:

Тype of equipment
Equipment for robotic hot repair by gunning
Great Britain
Gunning of steel-making units and ladles
Equipment for robotic application of working lining
Great Britain
Application of tundish working lining by gunning
Equipment and technology for application of tundish working lining by dry method
Great Britain
Application of tundish working lining
Slide gate mechanisms 
IFGL Refractories Ltd,
Mechanism for steel flow control in ladle
System of bottom purging with inert gas IPV
FGL Refractories Ltd,
To ensure safe bottom purge of steel with inert gas and the most quick change of purging blocks without removal of ladle from operation
Tube changer and collector nozzle changing mechanism CNC
Great Britain
Quick automatic change of protective elements of CCM flow control, what excepts the belt of transition on the billet yield.