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Ropczyce S.A

Magnesite Works "Ropczyce S.A." is a high quality manufacturer of basic and aluminosilicate refractory materials, that rightly takes its place among the leaders in the global market of refractory materials. "Ropczyce S.A." is the largest producer of basic refractory materials in Poland. The technical equipment of the plant meets the requirements of the most modern technologies needed in the production of refractory materials.лого Ропчице.jpg


From the very beginning of its operations, the company is notable for the continuous modernization of production facilities and the installation of top-class equipment.


Technical specialists of the company are constantly involved in the global process of development of basic refractory materials, applying the best international practices of refractory production. This allows the enterprise to steadily hold the position at the level of the maximum compliance with regularly increasing demands of consumers in the field of the production of high-quality refractory products and materials.Безымянный.JPG


At present the increase in construction capacity, the upgrade of resource base and of molding materials preparation area allow to conduct the production process with the use of technologies, based on multicomponent masses. The most important production units are automated and controlled by processors, what allows to preserve the stability and repeatability of manufacturing operations. The use of modern research equipment allows to develop and to expand the methods of quality control, covering raw materials, production process and finished products.


The plant was one of the first enterprises in Poland, that introduced an innovative system for collecting and processing the data on the results of the production process monitoring. Operational analysis of the link between qualitative parameters of processed materials and process parameters of relevant production unites by using the system, ensures consistent and stable properties of the products.2016-05-27_10-53-18.png


The production cycle of the magnesite factory "Ropczyce S.A." complies with the integrated quality management system ISO 9001 and environmental management system standard ISO 14001.


The company continuously cooperates with scientific research institutes and technical universities. It successfully exchanges the experience with leading manufacturers of basic refractory materials abroad. The result of multi-factor study and manufacturing research is the introduction in production and the use of many new types and grades of materials adapted to the specific, and often unique, operating conditions of refractory products at the customer’s plant.


Many of the developed types of products are awarded gold and silver medals at the World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technologies in Brussels - Eureka. It is also obtained many other, both domestic and foreign, diplomas and medals. Advances in the field of innovation rightly take Magnesite Works "Ropczyce S.A." to the leading position in the production of domestic refractory materials, as well as to the advance guard of the world's major manufacturers of refractory materials.Безымянный.JPG


Consumers of the enterprise are not only metallurgists. Magnesite Works "Ropczyce S.A." are closely working with enterprises of the cement industry, which consume about 10% of produced basic refractories. In the process of such cooperation the plant specialists provide technical advice in the selection of materials and methods of laying, maintenance services of repairs, assistance in solving the problems associated with the operation of linings.


In the cooperation process the Magnesite Works "Ropczyce S.A." provide product support that includes technical advice in the selection of refractory ceramics, supervision during lining of assemblies and maintenance service before and after the repair.2016-05-27_10-54-16.png


Here is not a complete list of application of the plant refractory products, used for the lining of refractory (ceramic) furnaces and metallurgical units and other equipment, operating at high temperatures:


1. 1. Iron and steel industry

  • Oxygen-blown converter.

  • RH degasser.

  • Electric arc furnace.

  • Steel ladles.

  • Tundish ladles. 


2. Nonferrous metallurgy

  • Converter.

  • Anode furnace.

  • Stationary anode furnace.

  • Slurry furnace.

  • Electric furnace.

  • Shaft furnace.

  • TBR converter.

  • Dörschla furnace.

  • Copper matte collector


3. Foundry industry

  • Casting ladle.

  • Electric furnace.

4. Cement and lime industry

  • Rotary furnace.


5. Glass industry

  • Glass furnace.


6. Coke industry

  • Coke furnace.