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The company "Monocon" was founded almost 30 years ago. Its main activity was the supply of refractories for lining of electric arc furnaces of high power. The success of the company let it to secure a foothold in the refractories market and was the first step in the establishment of close relations with steelmakers, which then stimulated the development and introduction of marketable products.Безымянный.JPG


Today "Monocon" is a well-known international refractory company that specializes in the development and delivery of innovative products, including the most advanced and reliable equipment for steelmakers worldwide. Its head office and production facilities are located in the north of England near the town of Doncaster. Безымянный.JPG


The growing demand for “Monocon” products from around the world was met with active sales and successful marketing activities, which allowed the company to earn the coveted Royal Award "Queen's Award" for achievements in export. And now the export is still vital for the continued success of the company, so “Monocon” is closely working with its partners around the world despite the distance.


At the present time “Monocon” is a part of IFGL group of Indian refractory companies headquartered in Kolkata. This enables it to offer customers an almost complete package of refractory products in most of the processes, in which previously one or another company was partly involved.


As a result of companies’ complementarity, the range of refractory products virtually ensures smelting process, secondary metallurgy and steel casting.


“Monocon” company is distinguished by its achievements in the field of automating the application of its products. Each product and equipment for its application are the result of continuous research and elaboration, which are realized in the special department of the company central office.Безымянный.JPG


The development and testing of new products, assisted by highly qualified engineers with the experience in production of automated equipment and with knowledge of the steel industry, has helped to make the name of “Monocon” a synonymous for a high quality steelmaking technology. 


In the company the organization of production processes exceeds the requirements of international quality standard ISO9002. In addition to this, the company uses statistical methods of process control in order to identify possible sources of production process deviations and their management.


These distinctive features of the company ensure reliability of operation, safe conditions and reduction of emergency risks in metallurgical processes if using the “Monocon” products


The company's policy is to provide complete engineering solutions for both large and small projects, from design to installation and maintenance of the equipment. Many customer-wise developed projects of different degree of complexity are a source of experience and knowledge for further improvement. Effective developments become low-budget and are used in whole or in part in both domestic and foreign markets. This flexibility allows to offer complete technical solutions of the highest quality at a competitive price.2016-05-27_10-56-29.png


The “Monocon” design department performs both 2D and 3D project designs. The accuracy of engineering calculations, from simple patterns to complex 3D-models and animated presentations, allows to create exactly what the customer requires within a specified time. The results can be completed in DWG, DWF, DXF ipt.bmp and AVI digital formats, and printed in color in A4 and A0 format.


Engineering resources of the company comprise complete divisions for electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and construction fields. This makes it possible to solve almost any problem posed by the client: from simple mechanical assembly of equipment to manufacturing and machining of parts, from automation of particular assembly units to subdivisions with fully programmed equipment, including the “Monocon” graphical interface.


Engineering services rendered by the company meet the highest standards. The company is proud of the accreditation for compliance with Quality System ISO 9001: 2000. All design works are accompanied by the CE mark, and technical and design documentation is developed in accordance with all applicable standards.


In the field of continuous casting the company can offer a range of services, in whole or in various combinations:Безымянный.JPG


  • Supply of monolithic lining of tundishes accomplished by dry masses or by masses for wet gunning;

  • Installation of systems for gunning of tundishes, both manual and fully robotic, with automatic weighing and dosing, process image on the remote display, control of the sequence of events from the beginning to the end of operation, which allows one person to control the entire operation from the position of spraying nozzle;

  • Installation works, gunning, service maintenance and other work made by the qualified personnel;

  • Lining design and technical support;

  • Development and delivery of various templates for tundish;

  • Installation of fully automated systems for drying and preheating of tundishes with the possibility of programmed modes.

For the processes of secondary metallurgy the company also offers a range of products, many of which are innovative: Безымянный.JPG


  • Porous plugs for purging the metal by inert gas;

  • Monolithic lance MONOLANCE for the treatment of metal by inert gas, oxygen and powder with replaceable ends of different design, the choice of which depends on the purpose of the lance.Today MONOLANCEs are the leader among the developments in submerged devices for the treatment of metal;

  • Sectional lances, that allow to reuse the upper part of the lance, which is not submerged in the metal. Instead of burned-off and worn sections, new sections are wound on the rest of the lance body, what allows to reduce the waste side of the refractory part of the lance;

  • Sectional lance, called CONTHRED LANCE, the concept of which is continuous use of the lance. While the consumption of the lower part of the lance, refractory sections are added in its upper part, thereby continuously moving down the sections, excluding the waste side of refractory sections. 


In the repair of lining of metallurgical equipment and units the company is known for the following equipment:Безымянный.JPG


  • Monocator – system of automated gunning for ladles, which allows to locally repair the programmed wear zones of hot ladle. The system provides for more than 30 different programs of gunning, computer visualization of wear zones on the monitor, careful repair of ladle bottom around purging blocks;

  • Monowrist – system of rotary gunning, the concept of which is in vertical and horizontal rotation of the nozzle by means of pneumatic cylinder, in order to ensure the gunning of inaccessible areas of the lining. This pneumatic system demonstrated the reliability of its design in actual everyday use;

  • FurnaceMonocator – gunning system for furnace, which uses a sophisticated computer control for gunning the target wear zone in the furnace with the memory function of gunning areas. Gunning speed is up to 15 tons per hour of wet material, used for the walls, and up to 30 tonnes per hour of dry material, used for the hearth. 


The company offers a very wide range of refractory masses for various purposes among which:2016-04-26_17-58-43.png


  • Usual castable with alumina content of 50 to 92.5%, formed during pouring by vibration;

  • Castable for vibratory casting with low cement and alumina content of 50 to 92.5%;

  • Castable SELF FLOW with alumina content of 66 to 98%, quickly and easily formed without vibration, but having very good refractory properties;

  • Castable with a high spinel content, with a high resistance to molten slags and good mechanical strength;

  • Spinel castable with MgO content of 82.5 to 95.5% with different binder components depending on the purpose. 


"Monocon" has still a very large range of products, services and equipment, including the world famous automatic systems and refractory darts for control of converter slag, however, engineers and specialists of the company do not limit themselves to the developed and proposed products, that’s why to meet new requirements of the customer is and always will be the company's priority.