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Intocast AG

The German company "Intocast AG" is a well-known manufacturer of high-alumina refractory materials and powders for the lining of metallurgical units and ladles at the enterprises of iron and nonferrous metallurgy..лого Интокаст АГ.png


The company "Intocast AG" was founded in 1979, based on the activities of the company "EugenSchwarz", that supplied products for German and European enterprises of the steel industry since 1922.Безымянный.JPG


During the two decades of operation the company has expanded due to developing the market of refractory casting, production of ancillary products and strategic acquisitions. As a result, the company "Intocast AG" has eight German and nine offices and manufacturing plants around the world with a consolidated turnover of about 130 million euro per year.


The company is currently one of the three world leaders in production of unshaped refractory materials and purging units. The main production facilities and the research center of "Intocast AG" are located in Ratingen in Germany. Industrial enterprises of the group are also located in the Republic of South Africa, Japan, Brazil, Slovakia and Russia.


The equipment of production line is developed based on modern technologies and allows to fully satisfy the current needs of metallurgical enterprises and enterprises of other industries-consumers. All production lines are fully automated, equipped with high-precision weighing, dosing and mixing equipment.2016-04-26_17-34-57.png


Company products and technologies are widely used at the metallurgical plants in Europe, the USA, Brazil, Argentina, India, Russia, and Ukraine. Due to the technical support of products, the list ofthecompany’s clients is constantly expanding. Highly qualified specialists develop detailed proposals for the supply and application of materials, based on a detailed study of the customer’s drawings and the specific operational conditions of units, which result in accurate calculations of the specific consumption of refractory masses.


Depending on the application, the company manufactures ramming, vibe, gunning, spraying and coating materials. These materials are widely used in the metallurgical industry.


In blast furnaces the materials are used for lining the runners. Application of mass for gunning the shaped refractories of the converter at the rate of 1.0 kg per 1 ton of steel let achieve the lining lifetime of up to 3000 - 6000 heats.2016-04-26_17-35-25.png


In the lining of steel ladles it is used monolithic laying with application of masses for ladle bottom and walls, it is installed high-quality purging blocks, which allow to maintain the purge time up to 1000 minutes and more, it is used masses for gunning of slag zone.


Besides the above application, Intocast AG company's products are used as refractory materials for lining of such thermal units of ferrous metallurgy as electric furnaces, induction furnaces, tundish ladles, RH-degassers.


First of all the company aims to supply to metallurgical enterprises, that have a continuous casting of steel in their production process, as the most advanced technology for guiding the further development of steelmaking.


Apart from refractory materials the company sells and installs high-tech equipment for mixing, application and spraying of masses. As a part of products support, highly qualified specialists provide training and regular service maintenance at customers’ production plants.  Безымянный.JPG


"Intocast AG" company's policy is to promote the cost-effective products to the market, as well as to provide technical support to customers in the process of continuous development and improvement.


In the long term, the company sees all sorts of opportunities for expansion, strategic alliances with other medium-sized players in order to successfully maintain and consolidate its position in the global market of refractory materials and products, at the expense of active efforts of the group of companies.