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IFGL Refractories Ltd

The company "IFGL Refractories Ltd" is a manufacturer of specialized refractories and equipment necessary for the production of iron and steel.



Foundation of the company originated in 1984, when launching the plant for the production of slide gate plates.


"IndoFlogates" and "Flogates Ltd, UK" established a joint venture and became the exclusive holder of the Indian license for slide gate mechanism of "US SteelCorporation", developed by its subsidiary company "USS Engineers and Consultants Inc". Today this plant produces slide gate mechanisms and refractories on the basis of the latest developments of know-how of the Japanese company "Krosaki Harima Corporation", which is a branch of "Nippon Steel Corporation".


Plant for the production of refractories for continuous casting was established in technical collaboration with the Japanese company "Krosaki Harima Corporation" known at that time as "Harima Ceramics Corporation". In 1993 it started the production of continuous casting refractories by the method of isostatic pressing and magnesia-carbon products for taphole.2016-05-27_10-59-41.png


In September 2005 "IFGL Refractories Ltd" acquired “Monocon” group of companies, the capacity of which allows to develop, to produce and to successfully sell the following products:

  • Gunning mixes for tundishes;;

  • Refractory darts and automatic mechanisms for slag control;

  • Monolithic and sectional lances of different design for metal treatment;

  • Robotics for different purposes to maintain arc furnaces, ladles and tundishes;

  • Castable for monolithic ladles and tundishes. 


In December 2006Monocon company acquired the British company "Goricon Metallurgical Services Ltd" from Wales and the American company "Goricon LLC" from Ohio state, which produce darts for the control of converter slag, lances for metal treatment, castable for ladle and other products used in the steel industry. 2016-04-27_10-17-25.png


In July 2008 "IFGL Refractories Ltd" acquired "HoffmanGroup", whose main activity is the production of the following products:


Ceramic refractories for casting and products for steel filtration, chokes, monoblock stopper, and other cast products;

  • High-duty refractories;

  • Tools for drawing and designing. 


In September 2010 there were acquired US companies "EI Ceramics LLC" and "CUSC International Limited", both from Ohio, whose activity is the production of continuous casting refractories by the method of isostatical pressing.


In the special economic zone of the Indian city of Kandla in Gujarat there is a subsidiary company of “IFGL Exports Limited”, which is also engaged in the production of refractory products for continuous casting.Безымянный.JPG


As a result of the successful policy of strategic expansion, today “IFGL Refractories Ltd” has production facilities in China, Germany, India, UK and USA.


This enables the multinational Indian company to produce a full range of refractory products and maintenance facilities for steelmakers, and using the most advanced innovative developments, to continuously improve their products in different countries.


It is difficult to enumerate the awards, which the company picked up for successful active efforts and for the excellent quality of the wide range of products, both in India and in other countries.


However the company's employees understand that the best quality products of today won’t be good enough in future, because the consumer always wants to get a more refined product.Безымянный.JPG


For the efficient operation and prompt response to the increasing demands of customers, there are company's offices available in different cities, and the head office is located in the city of Kolkata in India.


The company's development policy is in creating values and principles, which tend to meet the requirements of both customers and business colleagues. 


In order to satisfy the customers the company is committed not only to meet customer requirements, but to exceed their expectations. 


Training and real motivation of the personnel is the key to success on the way to the continuous improvement of product quality, the improvement of security conditions, the implementation of innovations and best practices in every aspect of the business of the group. This allows the company to occupy a leading position in the market of provisions for the steel industry.Безымянный.JPG


In “IFGL Refractories Ltd” it is defined the common values for each company, so that the group is known worldwide as a reliable partner, meeting even the highest expectations:


  • The ambitions of all the parties concerned are always supported by the management of the company on their way to achievement in order to realize the full potential;

  • Teamwork in order to bring together general skills, knowledge and experience for creating advantages of the company’s colleagues and customers, resulting in achievements of beyond a mere human’s capacities;

  • Enjoy of the work environment created in enterprises allows colleagues to support and create one team ethics;

  • Health and safety are the highest priority of the company, the reduction of which will never be seen as a compromise;

  • The quality of products and services is subject to continuous improvement, as the company believes in the equality of competitive products;

  • Leadership is encouraged in the company, because it is always accompanied by the admission of individual responsibility, and the leaders are always ready to ask and to listen;

  • Honesty is an immanent feature of both an individual employee and the team in whole, so the company always trust and encourages employees to do fair and ethically acceptable things.2016-05-27_11-00-57.png


“IFGL Refractories Ltd” believes in the power of people devoted to their work and its personnel policy is aimed at attracting talents with the knowledge, skills, experience and potential.


The formed large team of qualified engineers and specialists is ready to offer customers a comprehensive solution for any issue related to the mechanisms and materials for the flow control of liquid steel.


Therefore “IFGL Refractories Ltd” is proud of qualification, devotion and faithfulness of its employees, and considers the staff as the most valuable asset of the company.


Quality Management System in “IFGL Refractories Ltd” meets the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 and the company's environmental activities are carried out in accordance with the international requirements to the environmental management system according to ISO 14001: 2004. 


The list of products, developed and offered by the company, is so long that it is convenient to represent it in groups by types:

  • Isostatic refractories for steel casting;2016-05-27_11-01-55.png

  • Slide gate mechanism and refractories for it;2016-05-27_11-02-47.png

  • Tube changing mechanism and refractories for it;2016-05-27_11-03-53.png

  • Mechanisms and refractories for steel purging;2016-05-27_11-05-10.png

  • Cast products and castable;2016-04-27_10-21-34.png

  • Zirconium products;2016-05-27_11-10-05.png

  • Engineering department developments;2016-05-27_11-07-22.png

  • Foundry ceramics, guide rings, heating furnace.2016-05-27_11-11-11.png