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Established by the German scientist, the “founding father of casting powder”, Dr. H.J. Eitel, the company "Alsical" has been in the focus of consumers of metallurgical compounds worldwide since 1993.лого Алсикал.png


The company has the most advanced production facilities, the automated equipment of which allows to manufacture the maximum volume of production with the guaranteed consistent quality of all products.


The company's development concept is based on continuous improvement of the quality of products, taking into account the continuous requirements toughening and the specifics of customers. Therefore, an integral part of the concept is to improve the skills of employees.


In the foreground there are training and certification of workers engaged in the manufacturing and laboratory and administration staff. The management views the qualified personnel as one of the most effective ways of company development.


The strictest requirements are applied to the quality of casting powder for steel industry. Any instability in powder composition can influence the processes proceeding in the liquid metal and cause an emergency.


That’s why the guarantee of stable repeatability of production properties begins with the strict separation of raw materials based on the actual results of the control, carried out in the preparation zones with the help of a modern complex of silos for storage.Безымянный.JPG


Specially designed equipment for weighing and batching the feedstock is completely controlled by processors, which ensure the consistency of the chemical analysis results for any grade of compound programmed for production.


The mixer capacity, that is 4,3 m3, and the special technology of emulsion preparation ensure the homogeneity of each granule of the finished casting powder.


The granulating is made in the spray tower, where the adjustment of spraying process is fully carried out by processors based on the data of control and measuring instruments.


The production capacity of the equipment allows to produce granulated casting powder of the guaranteed high quality in the amount of 20,000 tons per year.Безымянный.JPG


he equipment of powder packaging site enables packaging in special high-quality bags, the capacity of which can range from 1 kg to a maximum required by the customer.


he quality management system, functioning in the enterprise, meets the modern standards of DIN EN ISO 9001. This assures the customer, that he receives the products, the quality of which is guaranteed at all stages of its life cycle, beginning from analysis and development of the required properties of the product for a particular customer. 


The management system operates in the production process, the quality control processes of raw materials and finished products, as well as in selling products to a consumer and providing services.Безымянный.JPG


The company’s responsibility for obtaining a product of the highest quality and a top-class service in all production areas of "Alsical" is certified by the certification issued by the authoritative certification body TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH updated on 12.01.2015.


The core of the quality control and research analysis is the laboratory of “Alsical” company. Research Center is equipped with the most modern equipment, which is operated by specially trained and highly qualified personnel.


Thorough study of chemical composition and properties in comparison with the consumer’s feedback about the quality of sold products allow the company to develop and to introduce innovative casting powders to the market.