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Social responsibility policy

Nowadays, corporate social responsibility is one of the most important issues in development program of every company. Corporate social responsibility is a concept, which reflects company’s voluntary wish to participate in improvement of society. Its integral part is cooperation with the parties involved: staff, shareholders, investors, customers, authorities and non-governmental institutions. Thus, company’s social program and its image are interrelated. 

Corporate social responsibility in “EuroTechMet” LLC is not only the will of company’s manager, but also the conscious desire of all the staff.

One of the company’s social courses is participation in programs organization for “Folk Culture Lovers Club”. Upon an initiative of “Pavetie” ensemble and with support of Voronezh Department of Culture, annual international folk festival “In the glorious city of Voronezh” has been hold since 2009. The ensembles “Radunitsa”, “Istoki”, “Khokholskie rodniki”, “Terem”, “Sudarushka”, “Radoves”, “Pavetie”, “Volya” and other famous bands refute such rumors that people lose their roots, or nobody is interested in folk culture, or the arts and crafts are about to disappear.

The “Pavetie” band, of which one of the members is a “EuroTechMet” employee, is an award winner of many prestigious international folk festivals, as well as a participant in different creative programs, which promote rapprochement and development of cultural ties between countries, among them the USA (1995), Finland (1997), Ukraine ( 1999, 2012), Slovakia (2001, 2009, 2012), Germany (2002), Kuwait (2003), China (2005), Holland (2006), Poland (2012, 2013), etc. 2016-05-26_14-33-06.png 

There are roots songs, dances and games of South of Russia on ensemble’s repertoire, which were collected in the ethnographic encyclopedias. The beauty of nature, wide spread, cheerful and optimistic temper of people along with philosophic approach to life – all of these gave rise to the songs full of warmness, depth and hospitability of Russian soul.

For many years, “EuroTechMet” LLC has been giving support to the ensemble in terms of culture keeping and regeneration, strengthening the moral and spiritual foundations of modern society, development of cultural ties between nations.

“EuroTechMet” hymn.

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The members of “Folk Culture Lovers Club” are always looking for the ways of folk arts promotion; they are organizing folk festivals, lectures accompanied with performances, theatrical shows; they are creating junior ensemble bands and taking part into other cultural programs.

“Pavetie” singers make their intensive researches, and leave for villages in the Voronezh Region as a folk expedition in order to collect music materials and old customs recordings.

“EuroTechMet” LLC is always glad to invite these people, who perform such important and responsible mission, for its corporate parties. Each company, the first thing, is represented by its staff, and the ensemble endows all of them with good spirits for many days.
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Another area of “EuroTechMet” social activity is help to the junior and youth organizations. Nowadays many people understand that it is impossible to save society integrity without younger generation, which inherits, reproduces and transforms existing relations of people.

“EuroTechMet” is also interested in purposefully influencing young generation to transfer full social practices for steady life of a man – a humanist, person, individual, citizen, patriot, Earth resident.

The company gives support to the junior and youth teams in organization of cultural and sport events.


Special gratitude is given for company’s support in running the competitions of European Youth Basketball League in Voronezh.
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Children folk ensemble “Russkie Poteshki” also expresses its gratitude to the company for cooperation and support in organization. The ensemble participates in educational developing program “Sokhraniaya, Vozrozhdaem” (“When saving, we revive”) aimed at study of Russian culture, gathering knowledge of Russian folk customs, development of students’ creativity, acquisition of performing vocal or instrumental skills.

2016-05-26_14-40-28.pngProduction team widely participates in formation of social responsibility policy in company. In the curse of several years, youth team has been successfully training and taking part into ice hockey tournaments. This team is made of workers of joint ventures, located in the premises on Verkhniaya Khava, Voronezh Region.

The hockey team is supervised and supported by Sergei Shulgin, director of “GranMix” LLC subsidiary manufacturing granulated covering mixtures. 2016-05-26_14-41-51.png

The sporting achievements of team members, many of whom live in Verkhniaya Khava district, prove the fact that much efforts gain much prosperity.

In the period of 2011-2014, the amateur team has several times taken the prizes in ice hockey tournaments, among them Verkhniaya Khava agriholding tournament (2012), Tournament in Kharitonov prize (2013), Tournament in memoriam of Krestnikov and Azarov (2014) and other competitions.

Present-day Russia faces critical issues regarding preservation and enrichment of historical-cultural heritage of a country, organization and support of ethnic culture oases, country acculturation. Despite of state funding in culture, governmental grants are often not enough. It is especially notable in small villages and countryside far away from regional centers.

2016-04-25_10-48-41.pngThanks to patronage, cultural objects are supported by individuals, who provide voluntary funding to the cultural objects and gain no financial benefits in return. Thus, in fact, patronage is a source of non-governmental support of cultural institutes.

On the understanding of state funding problem, for several years “EuroTechMet” LLC has been lending its support in restitution of cultural heritage in Gorky village, Novaya Usman district.

Pokrovskaya Church was built here in 1847, and survived to the present day. After that, Gorki gain the right to be called a village. In accordance to the old classification, only a settlement with a functional church can be called a village.

At the time of antireligious regime, the cathedral was closed and ravaged. Starting with pre-war days, it had been used as a grain storage, a state farm car shed and a workshop. Since 1970-s, after the building had fallen into decay so much that it couldn’t be used even as a warehouse, the cathedral became abandoned.

Many people remember how they were looking at the church ruins in 2000 and saying it was non-recoverable; the better way was to bring the ruins down and build up a new church.

   However, under the direction of Zoya Strukova, a churchwarden, a voluntary fellowship was formed, which put out its strength and restored the church by 2005. On 29th of September, 2006 the first Divine liturgy was hold in Pokrovskiy cathedral in Gorki village.

2016-04-25_10-50-04.png“EuroTechMet” company was delighted with insistence of village folk, though few in number, and with their devotion in terms of preservation of village’s revival origins.

Company management decided to invest into final reconstruction of the temple.

памятник Горки.jpgAs early as in 2007, the temple was transformed. At the sky-blue top, which is visible well before reaching the village, a new golden dome shines. Color range is made of blue and light-blue, and the view of wonderful architecture creation against the sky-blue background is a decoration of not only the village, but the whole district, too.

Currently, Pokrovskyi cathedral receives small but united family of parishioners, who reverently refer to this miracle created by spiritual people with endless energy and unbroken will power.

By 70-th anniversary of the Great Victory, “EuroTechMet” LLC also gave its input in preservation of historical and cultural heritage. On July 5, 2014 a new monument was unveiled in Gorki village of Orlovskoe village settlement in Novaya Usman district, which is devoted to those who died in the lines during the Great Patriotic War. A new memorial was unveiled in honor of voluntary front-line soldiers of Gorki village.

As remembered by a war veteran’s widow Alexandra Shirokova, a hospital used to be located in place of a new monument during the years of battles for Voronezh, and injured soldiers were forwarded there. It can be said that a new monuments was opened in place of an old one, ramshackle, which was settled in 1978 by funds of Lenin state farm.

n 2015, administration decided to endorse a village inhabitant’s initiative and restore a destroyed monument. V. Chernyshov, a District Officer, who was present at unveiling of the monument, reminded to the audience that this monument was settled in memory of 200 Gorki inhabitants, who leaved to defense their Motherland.

162 indigenous Gorki inhabitants did not return home after the Great Patriotic War. These are their names engraved at memorial plates.

At official ceremony in remembrance of dead, all village inhabitants, guest and administration officers collected all together. An honor to cut the red ribbon was given to a war veteran’s great-grandson – Dmitriy Nemchin, a Great Patriotic War veteran’s widow – Alexandra Shirokova, and general director of “EuroTechMet” company – Gennady Ilin, who is also an inspirer and funder of executed work.