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In collaboration with German, Polish, Indian and British experts, “EuroTechMet” LLC performs great possibilities of cooperation with iron and steel plants in regard of materials and equipment supply, as well as consulting service of efficiency improvement at Customer’s manufacture. 2016-04-28_12-34-45.png

“EuroTechMet” activity is scarcely limited in regard of steel making industry, taking in account range of products manufactured by the partners abroad. Joint efforts make it possible to realize any project, from supply of refractory mixtures to converter lining applicable to refractory products and materials, as well as supply of different mixtures and materials applied in technical process.

“EuroTechMet” performs the most successful results in supply of materials and equipment in the following fields:

Business area
Blast furnace iron making
Blast furnaces 
  • Taphole clays
  • Refractory castables for channel, channel cover and other elements

Hot metal ladles

  • Covering mixtures
Electric steel making
Electric arc furnaces
  • Products for wall lining
  • Ramming mixtures for electric arc furnace  bottom
  • Repairing mixtures for walls, banks and bottom
  • Castable lining for furnace roof
  • Bottom refractories
  • Bottom fillings
  • Gunning equipment

Steel-making manufacture
  • Magnesian and patching briquets
  • Patching self-flow mixtures
  • Gunning equipment
Magnesian and patching briquets
  • Mould powder for casting 

Patching self-flow mixtures
  • Ladle shrouds
  • Monoblock-stoppers
  • Tundish nozzles
  • Tundish housing blocks
  • Sub entry nozzles 
  • Zirconia nozzles for open stream casting , CNC

Steel ladles 

  • Ladle nozzle housing blocks
  • Ladle nozzles
  • Slide gate plates
  • Collector nozzles
  • Blast tuyere housing blocks
  • Shroud nozzles
  • Repairing and lining ramming mixtures 
  • Starter mixtures
  • Covering mixtures
  • Slag forming materials
  • Magnesium-containing materials
  • Gunning equipment
  • Sliding mechanisms
  • Bottom blow system IPV

Tundish ladles

  • Refractory concretes for monolithic backup lining 
  • Spray-mixtures for working lining production
  • Dry sintering gunning mixes for working lining 
  • Lining ramming mixtures
  • Moulded tundish dams
  • Moulded crucibles and turbostops
  • Covering mixtures
  • Assimilating mixtures
  • Gunning equipment
  • Dry lining equipment
  • Quick change mechanisms for subentry and pouring nozzles CNC


  • Products for RH-degasser
  • Ready-assembled snorkels for RH-degasser chamber

Concrete manufacture 

Rotating concrete furnace
  • Products for furnace lining
  • Mixtures and mortars for furnace lining repair