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“EuroTechMet” LLC was founded in 2005. Originally, it mainly supplied refractory products, mould powder and covering mixtures to iron and steel plants.



In order to organize better logistics at CIS and far abroad states, “Eurotechmet Ltd” was founded in 2006. The company has its own representative office in Germany, which provides cooperation with partners from Europe, Asia and CIS countries. By 2009, company’s monthly turnover increased almost 6 times and exceeded 65 million rubles.

The company earned a great reputation in Russian and CIS market of metallurgical products owing to products quality and highly skilled maintenance experts.

These circumstances inspired investments into development of company’s manufacturing facilities.


“EuroTechMet” LLC bought manufacturing facilities in Voronezh region in 2009 and organized production cluster in its territory, which included 4 subsidiary manufacturing plants. These plants were completed with advanced equipment for manufacturing and product quality control.


Under technology of German company “Alsical GmbH” Russian-German joint company “Intocast Rus” organized production of granular mould powder for size and grade steel casting at slab casters.2016-05-26_14-24-46.png


Manufacture of covering and assimilating metallurgical mixtures was also launched in 2009. Currently, the capacities of “GranMix” LLC provide monthly production of more than 2000 tons of metallurgical mixtures.


In order to secure high quality of products and materials used in manufacturing, as well as quality control for refractory products, mould powder and covering mixtures, “EuroTechMet” LLC founded “Testing and Control Center”. It was completed with advanced laboratory equipment produced in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and USA.


The equipment makes it possible to perform complex computer processing of the results. Apart from chemical and phase composition analysis, deep analysis of test samples properties can be performed in case of products application adopting at manufacture with specific characteristics.2016-04-26_15-17-03.png


In 2011 “EuroTechMet” LLC founded its subsidiary company “EuroTechMet-Service”, which was aimed at maintenance and support of lining in RH-degasser chambers. The latter was then being put into operation in oxygen-converter shop at PJSC Novolipetsk Steel.

The prime partner of “EuroTechMet-Service” is Polish company ZM “Ropczyce” S.A., which has a long-term experience in manufacturing of refractory products for steel-making facilities.


In 2013 “EuroTechMet” LLC and ZM “Ropczyce” S.A. launched a joint Russian-Polish company “Ropczyce-Rus” LLC.


At “Ropczyce-Rus” LLC RH-degasser snorkels are assembled and snorkels working layer from refractory concrete is produced. Manufacturing line is completed with advanced European equipment, and can produce up to 80 snorkels per month. Company’s staff received training at Polish existing manufacture. In their turn, Polish experts took part into shop designing and equipment commissioning.


Close location of new manufacture to the metallurgical plant allows providing it with materials and maintenance on-time, as well as reducing of logistical costs by means of ready snorkels keeping in own warehouses at “EuroTechMet” manufacturing facilities.2016-05-26_14-20-19.png


Due to constant cooperation with customers from CIS states and partners from Poland, Germany, Great Britain, India and other countries, the company gathered huge range of advanced technical solutions in steel-making processes and operational processes of steel-making equipment.


Company staff was increasing with ambitious experienced professionals joining. Currently, metallurgists-engineers work in company, who have been designing and integrating technology, trialing mixtures and refractories, maintaining CC-caster. The chief experts work in “EuroTechMet”, who provided full control of steel-making process at metallurgical plants.


Such possibilities logically led to company’s further development in field of engineering at iron and steel plants, as well as consulting service regarding increase of technological processes’ efficiency at the plants of wide range of activity.


In 2009 “EuroTechMet” LLC started to provide engineering service. That year technical auditing of CC-caster’s setting was performed at Cherepovets steel plant; as a result, the instructions and recommendations on increase of efficiency and quality of realized operations were prepared.2016-05-26_14-22-20.png


In 2010-2011 technical auditing was performed in converter shop at Novolipetsk Steel concerning steel ladle operating and lining process, and steel processing in ladle furnace. The measures aimed at decrease of refractory intensity of use and reduction of costs for secondary metallurgy and steel casting had been worked out.


Currently, company’s high-qualified experts are provided with all necessary instruments to offer engineering service for any technological process of steel-making manufacturing.  


In 2014, “EuroTechMet’ specialists had been working on a new project. It was aimed at improvement and adaptation of efficiency raise system to the wide range of plants. That system’s sample model has been successfully applied for about 5 years at one of CIS iron and steel plants.


Practical results of Individual Focusing Quality System (QSIF) working prove the significant increase of efficiency indicators at the department. In half a year after the system was applied, alongside with almost all specified indicators increasing, some of indicators reach almost 3-times higher level in comparison to a base one.


The efficiency reached predetermined the next direction of company’s development, that is consulting service of technological efficiency improvement at Customer’s manufacture.


Now, the company offers service of QSIF integration not only to iron and steel manufactures, but also to other plants and industries, which are interested in constant improvement of technological efficiency.